The The Near Miss APP is a system to prevent injuries, fatalities and equipment damage situations before they occur.

The APP is free, self explanatory and can easily be used to report near miss situations.

Within 1 minute a near miss can reported and the near miss report is only sent to the email
address given by the user of this APP.

By offering this APP, we hope to contribute to a near miss reporting culture.

The Near Miss APP can be used for both Android and Apple devices. Click on the appropriate version and start reporting!

The NM App has been developed with the utmost care. However, the developer assumes no responsibility for errors or ommissions in the software or documentation made available.

If you use an IPhone you can easily make a short cut to the The Near Miss APP by following the steps below:

Once you you have clicked the Web App button, you can select the 'Share button' at the bottom of the screen.

Next the iPhone will show these options. Tap Add to Home Screen.

You can then change the name of the icon to what you would like it to display as and press Add in the top right corner.

After you tap this the iPhone will add a shortcut to the iPhone's Home Screen.